XStat - E-Mail Statistics
and Analysis

What is XStat?

XStat is a simple and easy-to-use tool, which allows administrators of mail servers running Microsoft Exchange 5.x together with the E-Mail firewall XWall from DataEnter, Austria, to create statistics about the SMTP usage of the server, especially the Exchange Internet Connector.

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Predefined reports in XStat

XStat is interesting especially for ISP's or other companies running multiple mail domains on their Exchange server and want to track the in- and/or outgoing traffic being created by particular domains or users.

How XStat works

XStat reads and imports the Srxxxx.CSV logfiles created by XWall and writes them to an SQL database. This can be eiter Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000 or the MSDE (Microsoft Database Engine), which also may be installed on a Windows NT/2000/XP workstation. MSDE is also contained on the XStat installation CD.
The import may be run manually or automatically, i.e. every day at 01:00 AM.
XWall does not necessarily need to run on the same machine like MS Exchange and/or XWall, but it may do so.

Predefined Reports

Monthly Analysis

For monthly results you can select one particular domain mainained by Exchange/XWall or all domains hosted on your server. Then you select a month and a year to be analyzed.

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Monthly report for multiple domains
After clicking on the Button "Monthly results" a report will be created that shows the traffic in Megabytes and the number of E-Mail-Items for one particular domain or all domains.

Yearly Analysis

Yearly reports have to be created for each domain seperately. Chose the year an the domain, then click on the "Yearly results" button and a report will be created, showing the traffic and nu,mber of E-Mail items of the selected domain for each month of the year.

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Yearly report for a particular domain

"Top Ten"

These reports are also very interesting for the administrator. They contain:

  • Top outgoing Senders
  • Top outgoing Recipients
  • Top incoming Senders
  • Top incoming Recipients
  • Top outgoing domains
  • Top incoming doamins
For each report a time period (one particular month or a entire year), a creatain domain or all and the number of results to be displayed may be selected.
The reports may be sorted by number of items or by amount of network trafic (message size).

Custom Analysis

By selecting "Statistics/Query console", a window will be opend, where you can select several search categories like the domain to be analyzed (or all), if In-/outbound or both types of traffic should be taken in account. Further you can specify the sender, recipient and the subject of the mail(s).

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Detailed view of a custom search

All entries you make will be combined with the "AND"-Operator. You also may specify only parts of an expression. I.e. if you type "mort" into the subject entry field all occurences of this phrase within the subject information will be found, i.e. also the word "mortgage" which is frequently used in Spam mails.

If the history-feature of XWall is activated, which means, that messages sent and received are stored on the server, you are even able to view the contents of the messages, by doubleclicking on a entry in the results table.
Important: This function is intended to be used for statistic purposes only. It only may be used in accordance with applicalable law.
XStat - E-Mail Statistics and Analysis
Just released: XStat E-Mail statistics
XStat is a very useful tool for MailServer Administrators and ISP's using Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5® or 2000® in conjunction with the E-Mail firewall XWall.
XStat is an analysis and statistics software, which reads the logfiles generated by XWall.
XStats generates reports i.e showing the network traffic generated by a certain domain or a certain user. Further XStat shows the top in- and outgoing domains or accounts etc.


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